UN REQUIEM by Thierry Huillet

Un Requiem by Thierry Huillet is, like Brahms’ “German Requiem”, a non-liturgical spiritual work, which explores in a personal way the theme of rest in death. She uses texts from the Requiem liturgy, in Latin, Italian and Spanish, putting the music of languages at the service of the music of the notes, but also French poems that highlight the relationship between Death and Light …more


Selected as the brilliant Romanian violin school’s special representative, Clara Cernat is also a passionate violist. She made her presence felt among the young Romanian virtuosos at the age of 16, when she began to be invited to perform with all the symphony orchestras of her country. Her recordings for Romanian radio are included in the Phonothèque d’Or, a national sound archive …more

SHEET MUSIC CATALOG from the pianist & composer Thierry Huillet …more

Transcription for violin and piano by Thierry Huillet
Thierry HUILLET: Voyage en Espagne, for 2 pianos
Huillet: Un Requiem, for soprano or tenor and string orchestra